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Appbase 10 Million Program This October

Welcome to Appbase’s October 10 Million Program! This Fall, we’re rolling out a special program for developers looking to build real-time apps with Appbase.

Appbase is Re-inventing Modern Web App Development

Appbase is building a Twilio for databases. Appbase provides a realtime database API for web developers to build web scale apps in days instead of months. Appbase allows developers to focus on the user experience of their apps, instead of the scaling hassles of dealing with servers and multiple databases. With Appbase, developers can grow their apps from 1 to 1 million users without worrying about server downtime or scalability nightmares.

To give you an idea of the time that goes into building a truly scalable application, take a look at our infographic.

Estimated time to build a modern web app

Our team understands this problem firsthand. Siddharth and Sagar were backend engineers with Mathify, a Techstars '13 startup where they scaled the backend to handle millions of daily requests. They spent coffee-fueled all-nighters for two months, and realized there has to be a better way to build apps. So they created Appbase.

The 10 Million Program

The first 100 developers to build their apps using Appbase by October 31st will receive a LIFETIME of 10 million API credits per month. Yep, you read that right. No catch! All you have to do is add our badge to your site footer.

Appbase's 10 Million Program

Let’s Break It Down

What does 10 Million API credits get you anyway? Let’s imagine that your site has:

30,000 users per day.

About a million users per month.

Each of them making 10 API calls per day.

You could essentially run your site for free, forever. That’s right; a site the size and popularity of Codecademy, or Treehouse, forever.

In addition, Appbase is offering expert support for one year to participating developers. We’ll meet with you once a week for one-on-one office hours to walk you through our service and help you tailor it to your project. Your success is our success. What are you waiting for? Send us your idea!

What happens if you exceed 10 million API calls? Our pricing couldn’t be simpler. Each additional million API calls per month will cost a flat fee of $20.

How Does Appbase Work?

If you haven't tried Appbase yet, here's our quick primer on getting started.

Build web scale apps with Appbase

Appbase's Javascript API can be added with the same ease as adding libraries like JQuery. The documentation outlines the various functionalities of the API, and adding Appbase's library is as simple as inserting a one-line code snippet in script tags.

Appbase API Documentation

In addition, developers can monitor their app's data metrics right in the Appbase Developer Console. Within the console, the developer can build his app, visualize and manipulate his app's data, and monitor its analytics.

Analytics Dashboard

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