Database service for the #realtimeweb is now production ready

Building apps just got easier with Appbase. Over the past couple of months, we have been listening to all the requests, and are proud to announce that is now ready for building production-grade apps.

The changes can be summarized in three major

#1 Introducing Pricing plans now requires SSL encryption with 2048-bit certificates for all data transfer and offers full integration with richer workloads through various pricing plans. Would be happy to hear thoughts on the same.

#2 New Dashboard Features
We have added two of the most requested features - You can now delete apps from namespaces, and deletion of namespaces via data browser is also supported.

The Dashboard now comes with guided markers to follow as you progress with your app.

#3 Comprehensive docs
An in-depth explanation of the data model, interactive REST API docs, and an obligatory How Appbase works video have now been added.

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