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dejavu crosses 1,000 developers

It's been three months since we open-sourced dejavu, the missing web UI for Elasticsearch.

Dejavu's been growing organically since, and now enjoys a community of 1,000+ developers that rely on it in some form.

Dejavu's chromestore stats: 2000+ daily impressions convert to ~10 daily installations.

This, for a tool that serves a very specific niche of Elasticsearch users is amazing. Dejavu might well be on it's way to become the most popular Elasticsearch web UI.

However, not all is about growth. We are proud of our small but growing github community that watches for issues and keeps filing feature requests. It's been a pleasure to work on all the requests.

Since the launch announcement on March 4th, we have added:

  • Exporting data as JSON from an applied filter (even when you have a million results),
  • Select / Unselect All checkboxes for ease of bulk deletions,
  • dejavu can now be iframe'd, embedded, linked by a URL to the exact data view you wish to set.

It would be an interesting challenge to grow dejavu from 1,000 developers to 10,000.

  • dejavu's current growth itself should propel it to reach here within a year's timeframe.
  • We use it as the de facto data browser for and would like to see it being adopted by the broader Elasticsearch ecosystem. [If you have a large scale use-case, get in touch with me -]

Go get dejavu from chromestore and join us on github!

P.S.: If you came here looking for articles on building realtime, you should try our publication all things #datastreams.

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