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Introducing Dashboard Walkthroughs

We are invested in creating the best possible user experience. And today, we're launching walkthroughs - an interactive guide to all the dashboard features.

We had three design goals in building walkthroughs feature:

  1. Immerse the user interactively with all the dashboard features, including but not limited to how data streams work, the use of multiple security keys, viewing data and sharing app with team mates.
  2. Ability to resume the walkthrough if the user decides to try later or skips the tutorial in the middle.
  3. Control steps in the walkthroughs to only introduce new features without coming in your way.

Log in to your dashboard to see the walkthroughs in action.

P.S.: If you missed our last week's update, we launched multiple security keys and a way to collaborate apps with team mates. Check out the post here.

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