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New Dashboard Features

We're super psyched to launch new dashboard features improving the user onboarding experience and adding support for app sharing and setting multiple security keys.

1. Onboarding Experience -

New users should now see a live tutorial once they sign up on Existing users can also access the tutorial by going to

2. App Collaboration -

Collaborating with your teammates, clients or users has never been easier. You can now share your apps with the "Collaborate" feature inside of your app dashboard.

3. Multiple Security Credentials -

Every app can now have one ore more security credentials. This solves an important security need of more granular access permissions.

Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Using from web or mobile environment and need to prevent write access from key exposure,
  2. Sharing keys with other services and need a write-only access,
  3. Have multiple services accessing and need to monitor their access patterns independently.

Enjoy the new features!

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